Birth injury is an injury caused to the mother or fetus during pregnancy or during the delivery or later after the delivery. These injuries can range from minor to permanent and possibly fatal to both mother and baby, and caused due to the negligence of the hospital staff.

One of the commonly recognized major birth injuries that a baby can suffer is cerebral palsy, which develops due an incorrect delivery procedure because of the neglectful staff. This type of injury not only permanently affects the baby, but also affects the family members as they have to care for the now handicapped child throughout their life.

If a baby is born premature they may sustain broken bones and possible disfigurement during the delivery procedure. The body of a baby who is born within thirty seven weeks is very fragile and likewise can be injured easily by hospital staff. Additionally, a newborn may suffer from Caput succedaneum, which includes swelling and bruising of the scalp and hemorrhaging in the eyes, if vacuum extraction is used improperly during delivery or bruising and bone fractures if forceps are used to assist. Many of these injuries heal quickly, though these injuries can have a permanent impact and possibly be fatal.

In these rare but extremely devastating situations, one of the happiest days can turn into the worst of nightmares. In these cases, the doctor, hospital staff and even the hospital can be sued for compensation, and to help ensure that no one else must suffer these tragedies.

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