Assisted Living Abuse: What can you do to protect your loved ones

elder abuse

Abuse is overlooked frequently by family members who believe their loved one is senile. If you suspect that someone is abusing them, you’ll want to watch for signs like bedsores and STDs and contact The Law Offices of Kim Parker P.A.

Your family members need to know that you care about them. When interviewing them, inquire about their current living situation, like:

  • Are they getting enough to eat regularly
  • Is the treatment of them friendly
  • What kind of activities are they involved in, and if they aren’t, why
  • Are they taking their medication on time and experiencing any discomfort
  • Are they subject to verbal abuse or mockery

Abuse in a nursing home can come in a variety of forms. These are a few of the most severe forms of nursing home victimization that legal firms handle:

Physical or Psychological Abuse

When it comes to nursing home abuse, physical assaults are among the most prevalent and most profound. Slapping, beating, and kicking an older person can all be done in this manner. Physical violence can result in broken limbs, fractures, and internal injuries.

Nursing home workers are known for verbally and physically harassing residents. They also have the option of ignoring residents who disparage their neighbors. A Baltimore Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer will analyze the physiological, emotional, and psychological harm done by the nursing facility.

Sexual Assault

Assaults on elderly individuals are more common than previously thought. Staff members sexually assault residents regularly. 

When nursing homes don’t conduct background checks, violent sexual offenders can stay in the institution and sexually assault other patients, putting other patients at risk. A lawsuit against the care facility is necessary if this happens.

Finance Exploitation

They may overcharge or double-bill their customers. For services not offered, they can even bill a client directly for them. With the help of a Baltimore Nursing Home Neglect Attorney, it is possible to take a stand and get the justice you deserve.

Poor Grooming

Sadly, some nursing homes are unable to perform these tasks daily. Your loved one may develop infectious diseases, pressure sores, decaying teeth, and specific other health problems as a result of poor hygiene. A Baltimore Nursing Home Negligence & Abuse Attorney will fight for your family’s right to justice if this happens.

Dehydration and Malnourishment

Some nursing homes serve patients unhealthy food or do not feed them at all to reduce spending. You should be aware that your loved one is in danger of dehydration, loss of weight, getting organ failure, and developing other serious health issues when this occurs.

They will be held accountable in every case by Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys Baltimore City.

Medication Errors

The consequences of medication errors in nursing homes can be devastating and even life-threatening. Nursing homes may mistakenly give their patients the wrong medication. 

Even if they give them the wrong dosage or fail to give them their prescription, they are still at risk. Baltimore Assisted Living Abuse Attorneys will review your claim and fight for your family’s rights.

Food poisoning

Toxic and decayed food can lead to serious health problems, including infections, severe diarrhea, and even long-term health problems if consumed. 

Failing to Maintain a Log of Patients’ Progress

Nursing home residents can develop serious health issues that go unnoticed and untreated when not closely monitored. When this happens, attorneys will hold them to account immediately for their actions, or lack thereof.

Questions to Ask Assisted Living Staff

  • What is the staff to patient ratio
  • What is their level of training
  • Do they undergo background checks, and do they assess patients before move-in
  • Is the team available round the clock 
  • Are they approved to administer meds 
  • Are nurses available or an in-house physician
  • Do they have quality safety and security measures
  • Do you schedule activities, and what type 
  • What type of apartments and the monthly cost
  • Can you meet other current residents
  • Is their medical transportation
  • Is there accommodation for change of personal needs 
  • What is their billing system
  • Do activities cost extra 
  • Is there hospice care and terminal care
  • How do they handle communication

Contact an Attorney

If your loved one is facing any abuse, document everything and contact the Law Offices of Kim Parker P.A., Our knowledgeable Baltimore Assisted Living Abuse Lawyers will investigate and ensure that your family member gets the compensation deserved for their physical and mental suffering.

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