medics or doctors carrying unconscious woman patient on hospital gurney to emergency room

Emergency rooms are meant to provide immediate care to patients in urgent need of medical attention. However, delays and long wait times do occur, which can lead to serious injury and result in medical malpractice claims.

There are two main types of delays that patients may face in the emergency room. The first is a delay in being seen and evaluated by medical staff. This occurs when patients are made to wait for an extended period before being taken to an examination room and assessed by a physician or nurse. Delays of hours or even days in being seen can occur in busy emergency rooms.

The second type of delay is in receiving tests and procedures after being evaluated. Even after being seen, patients may face delays in receiving diagnostic testing like CT scans, blood tests, or x-rays. They may also wait an excessive amount of time for procedures to address the medical issue, such as setting a broken bone or receiving stitches for a laceration.

Both types of delays can lead to harm if the underlying medical condition worsens during the waiting period. Delays in treating conditions like internal bleeding, strokes, heart attacks, and infections can cause permanent injury or even death in some cases. This has given rise to medical malpractice claims against hospitals and emergency room staff for failure to provide timely care.

Some common injuries from emergency room delays include: brain damage from strokes or a lack of oxygen, organ damage from internal bleeding, paralysis from spinal injuries, limb amputation due to infection, and even fatality.

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