Firm files suit against Baltimore City Police Officer Janine L. Gilley


“Corruption in the agencies charged with enforcing our laws not only threatens communities by allowing dangerous criminals to roam free, it also undermines the confidence of our citizens in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. The same is true with respect to judicial corruption. We must all, in our own countries, lead the fight to ensure integrity within our police and judicial systems.”

(Former United States Attorney General John D. Ashcroft, in remarks to the Second Global Forum on Fighting Corruption)

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. – Lord Acton

Baltimore, Maryland– The Law Offices of Kim Parker, P.A., and The Law Offices of Sean R. Day, P.A., have filed suit against Baltimore City Police Officer Janine L. Gilley, (“Officer Gilley”), for common law battery against our client.

The Complaint alleges that On or about April 13, 2013, our client was at the Paparazzi Nightclub (407 East Saratoga Street), in Baltimore celebrating her birthday with friends. She left along with friends and other patrons. While our client was crossing the street at a lawful pace toward the parking lot where her (husband’s) vehicle was parked, Officer Gilley (mounted on a horse) told our client and others, “Speed it up!” Our client responded, “We’re walking,” and continued walking at a lawful pace. As our client neared her vehicle, Officer Gilley, while seated on the horse, leaned down and grabbed and pulled our client by her hair and ear, and thereby caused the horse to step on and fracture our client’s right foot. Officer Gilley acted without consent, provocation, or justification.

Suit was filed for amounts greater than $75,000.00.

Attorneys Kim Parker and Sean Day will prosecute the case.

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