Maryland Head-On Collisions

head on collision side view

While Maryland head-on collisions don’t happen that frequently compared to other vehicle accidents, they tend to be catastrophic. A head-on collision involves the front end of a car impacting with the front end of another car at speed and traveling in the opposite direction of each other. Because of the physics involved and the opposite direction of motion, the impact and sudden stop release so much energy, the damage is intense, both to the driver and passengers as well as the vehicles. Many times, if vehicles are not crushed, they often flip over or launch into the air in ricochet directions from the force of the impact.

Common Causes

The most common causes seen by Maryland head-on collision attorneys repeatedly include distracted driving, poor vision or clarity in front of the driver, drunk driving, and mechanical failure (such as losing the ability to brake). In some uncommon cases, the conditions of the road can come into play as well, such as with black ice during winter.

The Injuries That Occur

Again, due to the force of the impact, both driver and passengers are flung forward with immense force. If the vehicle cabin stays intact, injuries will still include the force of the seat belt pressing back as well as injury from air bags deploying and flying glass or vehicle parts. However, many times the cabin frame does buckle, and in those instances serious body injury can occur as well.

Factors That Impact a Head-on Collision Case

Clearly distracted driving, drunk driving and focusing on things other than driving will have an aggravated response from the court, in both civil and criminal perspectives. However, where the issues are associated with the driving environment, such as road conditions, or mechanical failure, cases become far more complex to assign responsibility. Many times details of the accident investigation have to be researched to determine exactly when mistakes were made and by whom.

Who is Responsible?

In some cases, the responsibility is very clear, such as drunk driving. In other cases, responsibility depends on the evidence interpreted by a car accident lawyer Baltimore Maryland specialist, and a number of cases end up with shared responsibility between both parties.

Type of Compensation Available

In a personal injury case, a plaintiff can sue for medical costs, pain and suffering, mental harm, property loss and loss of income, among other elements. However, how much is obtained depends on the facts of the case, how well they are argued in court or to settlement, and the skill of the attorney representing the plaintiff. Calling your car accident attorney Baltimore MD resource early makes a big difference. The more time an attorney has to work on the details of a head-on collision, the better he or she can develop a viable argument and case for recovery. The Law Offices of Kim Parker are always available for personal injury cases, and our team is ready to respond to your call. You don’t need to struggle alone with insurance companies.

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