Maryland Hit and Run Accidents

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Maryland Treatment of a Hit-and-Run Accident

When a driver causes an accident with a car or truck and then fails to stop and at least provide their information for the purposes of responsibility, that becomes a hit-and-run accident. It’s also a criminal offense in Maryland. The state has very specific laws requiring a driver to stay at the scene of an accident until fully identified for the purpose of insurance recovery and accident responsibility documentation. That identification might be performed by a police officer or exchange of information between drivers.

How is an Accident Classified as “Hit-and-Run?”

In a very simple description, anyone in a car accident who then leaves without identification or without stopping becomes a hit-and-run accident violator. There also needs to be property damage, harm to a person or both as well. No matter how it occurred, from the perspective of a Maryland hit and run accident attorney, simply stopping afterwards and providing one’s driver’s license and insurance negates a charge of hit-and-run.

Injuries that Occur

The types of injuries associated with hit-and-run accidents vary considerably since any impact and damage can qualify if the responsible party then fails to stop or leaves the scene without contact. Car accident attorney Baltimore MD representation do not see one particular type of injury occurring all the time.

Factors that Impact a Case

Again, if the responsible party just leaves the scene, it gives the court a very convincing argument of fault. Not surprisingly, parties who commit a hit-and-run and get caught, tend to be treated harshly to set an example for others.

Who is Responsible?

Even if the responsibility is shared, hit-and-run behavior can shift the responsibility of an accident to the fleeing party.

Type of Compensation

While there is no set amount for a hit-and-run accident, in terms of a personal injury lawsuit, the court can definitely punish the driver criminally with a $500 fine, 60 days of jailtime or both. They also end up losing their driver’s license as well. Severe harm raises the criminal charges to $5,000 in fines and up to 5 years in prison or both, and causing death doubles that penalty.

When to call your Attorney As soon as you can confirm your own safety or medical care if needed, you should call an attorney like the Law Offices of Kim Parker. Once a car accident lawyer Baltimore Maryland expert can start working on the case, the details involved can be captured and used as evidence. Many times, the details are fresh right after an accident, but they get lost over time. Police might capture some of the details, but witnesses not followed up with end up being forgotten. A good attorney like our team at the Law Offices of Kim Parker won’t miss these sources.

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