Maryland Intersection Accidents

two cars have crashed wrecked into each other at intersection

What You Need to Know About Intersection Accidents in Maryland

The Common Causes and Injuries That Can Occur

Some of the most common causes of intersection accidents is failure to stop at a red light or stop sign, trying to beat a yellow light, failure to yield the right of way to the other driver, and of course, distracted driving. Depending on the severity of the crash, the effects can range from minor cosmetic damage to the vehicles to life-changing bodily injuries including traumatic brain injuries, amputations, spinal problems, or even death. If you find yourself in a situation involving a serious accident, it is vital to contact a Maryland intersection accident attorney as soon as possible.

Who Is Held Responsible

The blame for an intersection accident is impacted by factors that play into who specifically is deemed “at fault”. While the driver that actually hit the other vehicle may seem like the obvious answer, many parties can be liable for the accident including the driver’s employer or mechanic who improperly maintained the commercial vehicle or even a city or state that negligently designed an intersection. What it truly comes down to is the question of which party can be proven to be negligent which is where a Maryland auto accident lawyer can help.

The Types of Compensation

The type–and the amount–of compensation victims receive can vary widely from accident to accident. The most notable types of compensation include damages collected for vehicle repairs, medical expenses, lost wages, the cost of a rental car, and legal expenses such as court costs and the fees associated with obtaining an auto accident attorney in Maryland.

When to Call Your Attorney

Not everyone involved in an intersection accident will need to hire an auto accident attorney in Maryland. However, if your crash involves any of the following elements, it’s crucial to call a firm such as the Law Offices of Kim Parker right away:

  • The accident involved a serious injury to anyone at the scene
  • The person or persons at fault is not clearly established
  • The collision happens in a school or construction zone
  • Any time you disagree with the police report
  • Any crash involving an uninsured driver
  • Anytime insurance companies send mixed messages or offer confusing answers to liability concerns

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