Maryland Multi-Car Accidents

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Auto accidents can involve more than one vehicle. Whenever three or more vehicles are damaged in a collision, it is a multi-car accident. Anyone who causes an accident is liable for the injuries and damage that it causes. Determining fault and holding liable parties accountable might require the help of a Maryland auto accident lawyer.

Common Causes of Multi-Car Accidents

Multi-car accidents typically happen when driving conditions are poor and road conditions are bad. Thick fog, heavy rainfall, and blinding snow are examples of weather events that make it difficult to see while driving. They also make it a lot harder to stop safely when traffic backups occur.

Commonly Occurring Injuries

Multi-car accidents can be especially dangerous because many motorists are unaware of the impending danger. Being struck unexpectedly from the rear or side often results in whiplash and injuries to the neck and spine. A Maryland auto accident attorney can help accident victims to gather evidence of their injuries and file strongly supported claims with insurance companies or in court.

Who Is Liable

Maryland is a contributory negligence state. That means anyone who was negligent in any way and contributed to causing an accident cannot hold others liable for any injuries or damages arising from the incident.

Even if you are just 1 percent at fault for causing an accident, that slim margin would be enough to prevent you from holding others liable. The potential for contributory negligence can be high in a multi-car accident.

Factors that Affect Fault

Driving too fast for conditions, having worn tires, or following too closely are just a few examples of how someone might be liable for contributory negligence. If you sue another motorist, any evidence of contributory negligence committed by you could upend your case.

Potential Compensation

Most people obtain compensation from their auto insurance or from the auto insurance policy covering an at-fault driver’s vehicle. Your compensation would include costs for treating bodily injuries and repairing or replacing your vehicle. An auto accident attorney Maryland motorists retain can help to file strongly supported claims.

When to Retain an Attorney

Whenever you are involved in a multi-car accident that results in injuries, you should contact the Law Offices of Kim Parker to retain an experienced Maryland multi-car accident attorney.

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