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Oct. 30, 2009PRLog — Police Brutality – Excessive Use of Force
Police brutality is a term used to describe any excessive and unnecessary physical force, assault, or verbal abuse used by law enforcement when dealing with the public. The United States Code, the laws that govern the day to day running of the country, states that any person working under the authority of a state law enforcement body who violates the civil rights of anyone in the U.S. is liable to pay for any damages they cause.
There are some widely known cases of police brutality, but there are thousands more that never receive nationwide media attention. Any time a police officer abuses his or her authority and inflicts undue suffering on any person it is an affront to not only the victim of the pain, but to society as a whole. The people we depend on to protect us from criminal aggressors should never become the aggressors themselves.
If you or someone you know was the victim of physical, metal, or verbal police brutality you may be entitled to take action against the perpetrators. Let a knowledgeable, experienced attorney guide you through the complex, confusing, and difficult proceedings required to take abusive law enforcement officers to justice.

Police Brutality Attorney – Police Shootings
A police officer should only draw his or her weapon as an absolute last resort to stop a person. Although many police officers realize the seriousness of using their firearms, a small percentage of these people fail to grasp the power they wield and use their guns in inappropriate ways. There are very strict conventions that govern exactly when and how police officers can use their weapons to stop a suspect. Even though law enforcement communities frown upon the use of lethal force to stop a suspect, a few reckless individuals can tarnish the reputation of an entire department.
If you or someone you know was the victim of a police shooting, you may have the right to take action. The laws that apply to police shootings are extraordinarily complex and confusing, but our team of dedicated legal professionals will fight for your case and see you are justly compensated for your suffering. Contact us today.

Police Brutality – False Arrest Lawsuits
One of the most frequently abused police powers is the ability of law enforcement officers to detain and arrest people for no reason. False Arrest is easier to quantify than excessive force, because while the amount of power needed to perform a job is questionable, the ability to detain a person suspected of a crime is very clear and detailed.
Although police can only detain people on the grounds of “reasonable suspicion” or because of probable cause that the person has committed a crime, some unscrupulous officers use their power to arrest people for their own personal reasons. This flagrant abuse of power undermines the trust and faith people have in those they pay to protect them.
If you have been subjected to a false arrest you may have the right to seek damages against those who are liable. You need to have dedicated and experienced counsel in order to pursue justice against those who abuse their power as law enforcement officers. You need not be a victim of unchecked power any longer.

Police Brutality – Abuse of Power
Abuse of power is a catch-all term for the ways police officers can abuse their positions in law enforcement to take advantage of those they are supposed to serve and protect. Police officers are bound by United States Code 42, section 1983 that states any person who acts as a law enforcement officer is liable for any offenses they commit in violation of a person’s civil rights.
As part of their jobs, police can detain, arrest, and kill people. Although most peace officers take their duty to protect and serve the public very seriously, a small percentage will always abuse their power to fulfill selfish personal desires and goals. Abuse of police power usually includes excessive force, false arrest, assault, and illegal killings. Many people who are victims of police abuse of power feel they have no recourse or ability to take action against those who injure them.
Fortunately, those who enforce the law are not above the law. If you or someone you know has been a victim of abuse of power you may have the right to seek compensation for the injury and damage you suffer. Take action against those who abuse their power and cause you harm. Contact a dedicated and experienced lawyer today.

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