Maryland Rear-End Accidents

auto accident involving two cars on a city street

Rear-End Accidents and How to Recover

When a car being driven impacts another car from behind, it’s known as a rear-end accident or a “fender-bender.” In both cases, one or both vehicles can be damaged, and it’s quite possible for someone to be injured. Many times, as more than one Maryland rear-end accident attorney has seen, it’s the driver or passenger in the car hit from behind.

Common Causes

A variety of issues can contribute to a rear-end accident, falling into two categories seen by a car accident attorney Baltimore MD in court: driver error and conditions. Driver error causes frequently tend to include distracted driving, poor driving skill, braking too late, and drunk driving. In terms of conditions, bad weather tends to be the most common reason.

Injuries That Occur

Whiplash is a very common injury, along with other spine and neck injuries. The surprise and sudden impact throwing a driver or passenger forward and then back torques the neck and spine, easily triggering serious harm that can take months to heal.

Factors that Impact a Case

Weather is something everyone has to deal with on the road, but when a driver is going too fast for safety or being reckless, then the responsibility shifts from bad conditions to the driver who hit a car from behind. Obviously, driver error cases also add to the strength of a case. If it can be proven a driver was drunk, distracted, made a driving error or there was a failure with their car, the responsibility shifts to the car impacting from behind.

Who is Responsible?

Because the impact was from behind, a good amount of burden is automatically shifted to the driver who was operating the vehicle hitting the other car from the rear. It is very hard to argue the impacting driver is not responsible unless the driver in front can be conclusively proven to have been driving recklessly.

Types of Compensation

A personal injury case through a car accident lawyer Baltimore Maryland office is the most likely legal path for civil recovery in the case of a rear-end accident. The injured party can sue for medical costs, loss of income, pain and suffering as well as property damage. The amount depends on the details of the case and how well it is argued in court or negotiated to settlement.

When to Call an Attorney

The best time to bring in an attorney is right after the accident has occurred and after you have confirmed your own safety and medical care, if needed. Once you are stable, a personal injury attorney like the team at the Law Offices of Kim Parker can get to work, collecting evidence and seeking recovery. Many times these cases are settled as insurance companies don’t want to risk the cost of a full trial and loss, especially with the impacting driver carrying much of the burden automatically. The Law Offices of Kim Parker can help; call us today!

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