Maryland Side Swipe Accidents

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How to Recover From a Side-Swipe Accident

A sideswipe accident happens as a car, passing another vehicle, hits that second car on the side going in relatively the same direction. This accident type can happen on city streets with stationary cars or on the highway when the impacting car drifts into another lane already occupied.  

Common Causes

While distracted driving is a big reason, drunk driving can also be a contributor to causing a sideswipe accident. Less common but does occur in bad weather, the driver being unable to see clearly can be a reason. More often than not, however, a car accident attorney Baltimore MD representation sees sideswipes happen by drivers not paying attention, such as using a cell phone while trying to drive at the same time.

Injuries that Occur

If a victim is inside the car hit, the impact could throw the person around, or cause their car to swerve and hit something else if moving. Otherwise, the most common injury tends to be property damage to the car hit.

Factors that Impact Cases

Again, bad weather can frequently be a reason for a sideswipe, especially when the driver causing the accident can’t see very well. However, responsibility really shifts to the driver and what could have been prevented if he or she engaged in outrageous behavior, such as drunk driving or road rage.

Who is Responsible?

Most times, from what many car accident lawyer Baltimore Maryland offices have seen, the driver that caused the accident veering into and sideswiping another car is responsible. In uncommon instances, the conditions of the road might mitigate the accident responsibility, but if the driver was speeding, then that argument loses strength.

Type of Compensation

Whether bodily harm or property damage was caused, a victim can sue for damages. If hurt, medical costs, loss of earned income, pain & suffering and mental suffering can be claimed. If the vehicle is damaged, property loss and replacement value can be claimed as well.

When to call your Attorney The best time to call an attorney is right after it is safe to do so after an accident has happened. Once you know you’re not at risk, or you have received necessary medical care, it’s time to bring in legal help like the Law Offices of Kim Parker. Don’t struggle with car insurance companies alone. As a Maryland side swipe accident attorney, our team can make sure you achieve full recovery for both medical costs and property damage. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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