Most Common Elder Abuse Injuries

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There will be an increase in cases of elder abuse as the world’s population ages, according to a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine, making it a significant public health issue of global significance.

Approximately one in every ten elderly US residents over age sixty faces waves of abuse, based on National Council on Aging Reports. Some are easily identifiable, others not so much. Contact The Law Office of Kim Parker P.A. if you suspect someone is abusing your loved one.

7 Main Types of Elder Abuse

  • Physical
  • Sexual 
  • Psychological and Emotional
  • Financial
  • Neglect
  • Self-Neglect
  • Abandonment

It doesn’t matter which type of abuse your elderly loved one is facing, they can all have long-term physical and emotional impacts, and you should take them seriously. Keep in mind that you have to watch for the signs since elders often only report financial abuse, according to NCOA research.

Physical Abuse

Any deliberate use of force against an older adult that ultimately causes injury or even death falls under physical abuse. Signs to watch for include:

  • Loss of tooth
  • Broken bones
  • Sprains 
  • Burns
  • Bruises
  • Random hair loss
  • Self-treatment of injuries
  • Internal injuries

Resident abuse by nursing home staff is well-documented and widely publicized. In addition, they have the option of ignoring those who disparage their neighbors. A Baltimore nursing home abuse lawyer will examine the physical, emotional, and psychological harm caused by the nursing home.

Sexual Assault

Violence against the elderly is far more common than previously believed. There is a pattern of sexual harassment and assault by staff members, and your MD Elder Abuse Attorneys can help you resolve any assault issues your loved one is facing.

To put other patients at risk, violent sexual offenders can remain in nursing homes that don’t conduct background checks. If this occurs, it is necessary to file a lawsuit against the care facility.

Financial Extortion 

Customers might get overcharged or billed twice. They can even bill a customer directly for services they do not provide. A Maryland nursing home negligence lawyer can help you stand up for your due compensation.

Random Hair Loss and Poor Grooming

It’s sad to see that some staff members can’t carry out these tasks every day in many nursing homes! The stress and lack of grooming sometimes lead to severe hair loss by elderly patients. 

Rotting teeth, infections, sores, and other health issues may result from poor hygiene in your loved one. The right to justice for your family will be protected if you hire Maryland Elder Abuse Attorneys.


In some nursing homes, residents are fed unhealthy food or don’t get fed to cut costs. Your loved one is in danger of dehydration, weight loss, organ failure, and other serious health issues when this happens. 

You should be aware of this. Maryland Elder Negligence Attorneys will hold them accountable in every case.

Preventing Elderly Abuse

According to the Center for Disease Control CDC, numerous factors can increase or decrease a person’s likelihood of committing or witnessing elder abuse. You can only prevent elder abuse if you identify and resolve the elements that lead to the risk for or safeguard individuals from abuse.

Pay attention to the concerns of the elderly and their caregivers so that you can offer them assistance and understanding. Contact your Elder Abuse Lawyers in MD, the Adult Protective Services, and the Police if you suspect that an older adult is getting abused.

Be aware of the signs of elder abuse and inform yourself and those around you. Learn about the differences between natural aging and elder abuse. Older people who may not have many friends or family members should get regular checks.

To alleviate the load on caretakers, offer them assistance from friends and family; adult day care initiatives; counseling; and other outlets for promoting emotional well-being, as needed. Elderly or caretakers struggling with substance abuse should be encouraged and supported to seek help.

Many older people need care and are at risk of violence from a care provider or anyone they respect. According to the CDC, they must study the reasons and remedies for abuse against the elderly further.

Consult MD Elder Abuse Attorneys

Ensure you document everything and call the Law Offices of Kim Parker P.A. if you suspect that your loved one is getting abused. Our Baltimore elder abuse attorneys will investigate and ensure that your loved one receives the compensation they deserve for their physical and mental pain.

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