Available Damages in a Nursing Home Neglect Case

While every nursing home resident deserves the best possible care, some facilities neglect patients. All nursing home residents have rights—and when violated—an attorney can help you take action. If your loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect, The Law Offices of Kim Parker P.A. can help. Our practice will aggressively defend your […]


Does Filing for Bankruptcy Affect my Credit Score?

Credit reports can show up to ten years after you declare bankruptcy under Chapter 7. Your credit score will face major effects when the bankruptcy records show on your report. You will not easily obtain a mortgage, car loan, or financing for other personal needs. However, there are ways to speed up restoring your credit. […]


What Comes First? Divorce or Bankruptcy?

Sometimes life throws a curveball at you.  Such is the case if you are facing divorce and bankruptcy at the same time.  If this describes you, it is vital to know which action comes first.  Should you file for divorce right away?  Or, should you wait until after you succeed in declaring bankruptcy?  Noted Baltimore […]


Will I Lose My House If I File for Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be a difficult and very stressful time in someone’s life.  You will likely have many questions about who retains what assets and lots of legal issues.  One of the most frequent questions people have is what happens to their house during a bankruptcy filing? Learn about the answers from the best Maryland bankruptcy […]


Will Bankruptcy STOP the Collection Phone Calls?

If you’re asking, “will bankruptcy stop the collection phone calls?” You’re not alone. It’s common for people to wonder how bankruptcy can stop collection agents from calling. After all, you might add additional debts to your balance sheet after a bankruptcy discharge. But here’s the thing: collection agents can’t call you about a debt discharged […]


Car Accident Damages and Compensation

Being involved in a car accident can create chaos in your life. If the accident is serious, your car will be damaged, and you can’t drive. In addition, if you are injured in the accident, you will be in pain, and if your injuries are serious enough that they prevent you from going to work, […]


Understanding the Actual Nature of Bankruptcy Discharge

Bankruptcy discharge is an odd nuance of a Chapter 13 filing in bankruptcy court. Most folks are familiar with the far more drastic version, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, where the court wipes out all debt after liquidating what’s left of a person’s property to pay off anything possible. Then the filer completes the process with no […]


Shopping While Black

There is a disturbing and unfortunate phenomenon in our society known as “shopping while black”. This is what people refer to what happens when an African-American individual is harassed, questioned, or otherwise intimidated by another person for simply shopping in a store. It might sound like this is something that could never happen in America, […]


If I File for Bankruptcy Will it Stop the Calls?

Are you in debt up to your ears?  Do you have creditors calling you day and night?  What if you file for bankruptcy, will the phone calls cease?  We asked DC bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Offices of Kim Parker.  Here is what they said in this comprehensive blog! When Can You Expect the Phone […]


How do I prove Nursing Home Neglect Abuse?

The Law Offices of Kim Parker Describe How to Definitively Prove Nursing Home Neglect Abuse? Do you have a loved one in a nursing home whom you suspect is being neglected?  Do you need help proving this?  Do you want to take this nursing home to court?  If this describes you, read this highly informative […]

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