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Handhole Injury

We represent consumers who have been injured due to negligence involving an equipment receptacle (“handhole”)

Have you been injured by an open Verizon, Comcast or other utility companies handhole? The equipment receptacle, technically known as a “handhole”, houses the terminal and wiring for a utility service for residential customers. The handhole is a 36”x24” x24” plastic box buried in the ground. The box is bottomless to allow for drainage. Its four vertical sides sit on a substrate of crushed rock. The box is covered by heavy green plastic lid which nestles into a 1 ½ “wide, 4” deep notch molded into the top inside of the box. This cover sits flush with surrounding ground. Once properly seated in the notch, the handhold cover is secured by a single hex-headed bolt screwed down to a locking device. Utility companies’ agents unlock the cover using a unique tool called a “216”. They use to repair equipment inside or connect service to a customer. Only the utilities company or its agents have access to the 216 tool and would be the only ones who could open the handhole.

Some utilities companies negligently maintain these handholes, resulting in serious injuries to consumers.

If you have been injured by a handhole, please contact Kim Parker at 410-234-2621.

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