Shopping While Black

woman shopping at mall

There is a disturbing and unfortunate phenomenon in our society known as “shopping while black”. This is what people refer to what happens when an African-American individual is harassed, questioned, or otherwise intimidated by another person for simply shopping in a store. It might sound like this is something that could never happen in America, but African-Americans say that it happens all the time. They are the victims of racial profiling, and something needs to be done about it. 

A Maryland racial profiling attorney will tell you that these types of cases come up all the time because they do. They have clients come through their doors who are sick and tired of being harassed constantly by law enforcement, or even just by other individuals who want to give them a hard time. It is a violation of one’s civil rights to have someone bother you simply for trying to do your shopping. 

Racial Profiling While Shopping Examples:

  • Ignored in favor of a white customer
  • Detained or Questioned after a Purchase
  • Police called for Suspicion
  • Not Served
  • Tailing Black Customers
  • Denied Store Access
  • Use of Ethnic Slurs
  • Being Searched
  • Extra Forms of Identification
  • Purchase Limits
  • Require High Credit Limits
  • Charges Higher Prices
  • “Items not in stock”
  • Shown the Sale Section

The civil rights lawyers in Maryland who get these types of cases say that they are frustrated by how often this happens to their clients, but they also want people to understand just how often it is happening. You see, when a case gets all the way up into the hands of a civil rights attorney in Maryland, it is often because the case was particularly bad. There are likely hundreds of other cases that don’t even get that far. That is sad, and it is frustrating, and we as a society need to do something to make things better. 

If you are a victim of racial profiling while shopping and have felt embarrassed, insulted, hurt, frightened, distressed and/or disrespected contact The Law Offices of Kim Parker. Our attorneys are all about saving people from the worst of racial profiling and its impacts. They want to ensure that those who have become the victim of this type of treatment receive the help that they need to make their case and to show a court of law that they were treated unfairly. They have trained lawyers on standby who are more than happy to help with your case of “shopping while black”. Let them get to work on it now to help protect your civil rights once and for all. 

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