The Law Offices of Kim Parker wins dismissal of a National Collegiate Student Loan Trust lawsuit against client.


National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (“NCT”) is a Delaware Trust that holds private student loans guaranteed by TERI not the federal government. All of the student loans held by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust were originated from various banks under different loan programs. These loans were structured with the assistance of The First Marblehead Corporation. The First Marblehead Corporation is an education loan finance company that also owns TERI ( a now bankrupt third party). 

NCT sued our client for two (2) student loans for over $92,000.00, plus court cost and 25% attorneys fees of $23,000.00. Our client was looking at a potential judgment of over $115,000.00. Kim Parker agressivley defended our client. Attorney Parker challanged the case on the basis of the Statue of Limitations, which in Maryland, is three (3) years. After mediation failed, NCT’s Counsel filed a Line Dismissing both cases “with prejudice” in favor of our client.


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