Will Bankruptcy STOP the Collection Phone Calls?

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If you’re asking, “will bankruptcy stop the collection phone calls?” You’re not alone. It’s common for people to wonder how bankruptcy can stop collection agents from calling. After all, you might add additional debts to your balance sheet after a bankruptcy discharge. But here’s the thing: collection agents can’t call you about a debt discharged in bankruptcy.

The article aims to educate people on how filing for bankruptcy can stop debt collector phone calls. Also, protect their rights against harassing collectors who may be trying to collect money they don’t deserve.

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What is a Collection Call?

Debt collectors employ a strategy to make you feel an extreme amount of pressure and pain until you settle your debt.

Collection calls are not allowed under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), but they are still happening to consumers. It leads to them filing for bankruptcy.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – The goal of this legislation is to control the actions of those involved in the practices of debt collecting. It ensures the behavior of both consumers and credit-card holders is regulated in a way that is both just and morally sound.

In 2008, there were 22,890 complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about banks and lenders. The FTC found that 2% of the complaints were filed by consumers who had already filed for bankruptcy. 

Some debt collectors take aggressive measures to find people. They contact them even when there is no legal way to do so. The Commission also found that some collectors violate the law by calling people at work and contacting family members without permission.

How does it help?

A chapter 7 filing can stop phone calls from bill collectors if you have a significant amount of debt. Unfortunately for you, your creditors will not be able to reach you because the process is too expensive for them. 

So what does the process cost? According to the Martindale-Nolo study, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will cost about $338 in court fees and $1,450 in Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney fees. Depending on your case, the amounts may vary by a few hundred dollars.

After your legal team helps you file an Affordable Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they will take over all of your bills and debts. Most of them are non-dischargeable under the law. They also entail bank loans and other unforgivable debts.

What are my options?

You can either keep paying your bills or file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Let’s be clear; the collectors will not stop calling you until you decide. But the question is, do you want to pay for their calls? 

Like any creditor, the collection agencies will not stop until they get their money. Over time and months of trying to collect from you, it could lead to costly results in your credit score. It could even increase your chances of filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy to get rid of that debt.

How can my attorney help?

The attorney can tell debt collectors to stop contacting you before filing a bankruptcy case. Moreover, besides any other type of lawsuit against you after your bankruptcy case has been filed.

In some cases, this is also a legal requirement, as federally, per debtor’s rights laws, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Also, the Maryland Collection Call Attorney protects your credit from being negatively affected by any lousy credit monitoring companies after filing your case.

Final Thoughts

A chapter 7 filing under The Law Offices of Kim Parker P.A, filing chapter 7 in Maryland, will stop all of your calls and payments to the collection agencies. So, as long as you file under chapter 7 bankruptcy, then you can rest assured that your creditors will not be able to call you or harass you after the filing.

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